Data Quality

Profiling and Data Quality

Data quality management is complex and affects all divisions of a company, but not everyone recognizes its importance. Yet it is worth an investment because high data quality is crucial to the success of a company.

To ensure high data quality, you have to identify inaccurate data, remove duplicates, standardize spellings, detect formatting errors, conduct plausibility checks, and more. If you only have inflexible analyses to work with, it will take you hours to complete these tasks. But with InfoZoom, you are done with everything in just a couple of minutes.

Examples of what is included in a Data Quality Assessment:

  • Detecting Duplicates – 
  • Reconciling Data from multiple tables and data sources – 
  • Defining Data Quality Rule Checks – 
  • Data Exploration – 
  • Assist in Data Migration and Application Conversions – 

Name Normalization with InfoZoom

Address Normalization with InfoZoom

Built for Data Analytics

The InfoZoom software is built for analyzing large amounts of data from multiple sources and technologies.

  • Join – Join multiple data sources in-memory without creating a database
  • Link – Comparing different data sources to see relationships
  • SQL – InfoZoom creates the SQL so you don’t have too! If desired, custom SQL can also be created
  • Merge and Append –Combine multiple data sources in multiple ways


Data Quality Analysis without the need for I.T., SQL, or programming

Data Quality analysts don’t need support from IT, SQL developers or database specialists to use InfoZoom. Whether you are conducting ad-hoc research, routine analyses or continuous quality checking, you can always find the answers you need completely on your own.

InfoZoom is easy to learn and use. The software is lean and can be directly installed in business departments with
minimal support.

In addition, no painstaking data preparation is required. Just load it and you are set to go.

Ultrafast, In-Memory Analysis

Identify Data Quality issues in seconds.

InfoZoom is a completely in-memory solution which allows you to immediately uncover hidden odd patterns in your data. With just a few clicks, data quality issues become obvious.

Analyze Cloud-Based Data Sources

Have data scattered across different platforms and cloud providers?  InfoZoom merges and joins data from multiple locations, including Cloud-based solutions, such as Amazon (AWS), Microsoft, Oracle, Google, or any cloud-provider.

All Your Data at a Glance

Whether the data you need is in a database, Excel spreadsheets or CSV fi les, the import process is fast and intuitive. With just a few clicks, you can use the software to flexibly combine various types of data. And once they have been saved, the settings for your data sources can be reloaded at any time.

Low-Risk and Easy Entry to Data Quality Analysis

InfoZoom is easy to test. Much like Excel, InfoZoom installs directly on your machine. Internet access is not required.

A 30-day free trial allows users to try out the powerful analysis risk-free. At an individual level, team level or corporate level, InfoZoom provides new capabilities for improving processes and testing.

Features of InfoZoom and the Risk Free Evaluation:


  • Review 100% of your data in a patented Data Visualization Overview
  • Completely in-memory and very fast
  • Read-Only. InfoZoom does not modify your original data
  • Bring in multiple data sources together
  • Automate your standard tests


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