SoftLake Solutions provides expert data analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Project Management solutions which leverages proven technologies and techniques. In providing our solutions, we can use InfoZoom to increase visibility and patterns within your data.


Proven Data Solutions for:

Audit and Forensic Analytics Consulting
Data Analysis in Internal Audit and Criminal Investigations can be difficult. Looking to jump start an analysis project? Want recommendations on what to look for? Want to outsource a data analysis project? We can help!

Privacy and Compliance
Privacy and Compliance data analytics has its own special requirements. Meeting those requirements take special knowledge and consulting expertise. SoftLake provides expert data analysis consulting for privacy and compliance applications.

Data Quality Assessments
Quickly identify flaws and inconsistencies in your data. Quickly identify missing data and areas needed for improvement

Project Management
Implementing Business Intelligence and data analysis projects requires expert knowledge and leadership. Through our project management consulting, we can bring it all together from inception to completion.

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