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InfoZoom is an easy to use solution for analyzing data without having to first define and store tables or files. It only takes a few clicks to define and start analysis. There are many aggregating functions such as sum, average, minimum, maximum, etc. Analysis is just a matter of dragging and dropping suitable attributes into the analysis group. The number of attributes are unlimited, thus providing maximum flexibility.

You also have access to a long list of common formulas that allow you to generate new performance measures on the fly. All values calculated on the fly and are adjusted dynamically to your drilling patterns (zoom in, zoom out).

In addition, InfoZoom enables you to assign color values so that you can view all important values at a glance. Just apply the colors to other attributes, and you‘ll have categorized your data into two or three traffic lights. You can define and store any condition as a query, whether you‘ve just sorted the data or parameterized the analysis groups. Any analysis can be called with a click of the mouse: always updated and traceable.

Data access options can vary widely for each user. That’s why we offer InfoZoom in several product versions:

InfoZoom for end users

InfoZoom Professional
– is a high-end solution with a full range of functions for power users. You can directly access any number of databases.

InfoZoom Business
– InfoZoom Business is designed for intensive business use and can be used to produce sophisticated analyses in all business areas. InfoZoom Business contains all the core functions necessary to visualize, research, and analyze data. It also contains integrated modules (report, spreadsheet, chart) that you can use to report analysis results in an easy manner.

InfoZoom Explorer
– InfoZoom Explorer is the cost-efficient variant that combines the functions most often used. In addition to InfoZoom files, you can also import data from other sources (Excel, text, etc.) and display and research this data very easily.


InfoZoom is so easy to use that training is often not required. To leverage all of the capabilities of the solution, training is an integral part of our solution. We offer individual, customized training for members of your team. Using InfoZoom and training can be a crucial competitive advantage.

We offer the following customized InfoZoom courses:

InfoZoom Basics (1/2 day)

For new InfoZoom users, we offer a user seminar where the basic principles for working with InfoZoom effectively are explained in a practical way.

InfoZoom Advanced (1 day)

For all experienced InfoZoom users, we offer an advanced seminar where the more in-depth possibilities of working with InfoZoom are explained in a practical way.

Our training is customized to fit your needs. For further information about training programs, please contact us.


SoftLake Solutions provides expert data analysis, Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Project Management solutions which leverages proven technologies and techniques. In providing our solutions, we can use InfoZoom to increase visibility and patterns within your data.

Proven Data Solutions for:

Audit and Forensic Analytics Consulting
Data Analysis in Internal Audit and Criminal Investigations can be difficult. Looking to jump start an analysis project? Want recommendations on what to look for? Want to outsource a data analysis project? We can help!

Data Quality Assessments
Quickly identify flaws and inconsistencies in your data. Quickly identify missing data and areas needed for improvement

Project Management
Implementing Business Intelligence and data analysis projects requires expert knowledge and leadership. Through our project management consulting, we can bring it all together from inception to completion.

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