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Audit, Fraud, and Privacy Analytics

Internal Audit, Fraud Investigators, Privacy Analysts, Compliance Officers, Criminal Detectives.  These teams require specialized data analysis and visualization software.

Our expertise includes support for InfoZoom, a unique data visualization software that is designed for the unique challenges in internal audit, compliance, and investigations.

Using InfoZoom, you can have instant information without the need for support from IT and database specialists. Whether you are conducting ad-hoc research or routine analyses, you can always find the answers you need completely on your own.

Why struggle with Data Analytics?  InfoZoom makes analytics easy!


Easy to use Data Visualization that specializes in quickly identifying outliers and trends in your data. Perfect for audits and investigations.


Expert knowledge in different forms of data analytics, including audit, investigations, privacy, etc.


InfoZoom is easy to use.  Often training is not needed. Our training similar to custom consulting based on your analytics needs.


InfoZoom is strong, stable software.  Expert technical and business support is only an email or phone call away.
Data Visualization in Audit, Compliance, Fraud, and Forensic AnalysisIdentify patterns and outliers in your data to uncover fraudulent activities.
Test Drive It Yourself.
Test InfoZoom for free for 30 days.  Experience for yourself how quick and easy it is to use.

What Others Say About InfoZoom…

  • InfoZoom is easy to use, intuitive, and extremely powerful - it's become a staple in my audit tool box!

    Internal Audit Shure Inc.
  • "InfoZoom, compared to other products I used before, has an edge on performance, features, and value."

    Internal Audit Oxy
  • "We were looking to explore our data and find immediate audit insights, InfoZoom has delivered."

    Internal Audit Meijer

InfoZoom is highly rated by our customers!

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