Privacy and Compliance

Compliance and Privacy

Privacy is a serious concern that affects everyone personally. Whether it’s personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) or financial information, breaches in privacy information can be serious and have many repercussions. Identifying whether personal information is being inappropriately accessed can be difficult. That’s where InfoZoom’s unique Data Visualization can identify patterns of information misuse, such as employees accessing medical or financial records.

Examples of Privacy and Compliance analysis:

  • Employee Access of Medical Record Number (MRN) –   Determine inappropriate patterns of employees accessing medical records.
  • Device Usage –   Which terminals are being used by employees to review medical records
  • Shift Hours –  Identifying employees that are accessing medical records off hours.
  • Break-The-Glass Analysis –  Compare the frequency of employees breaking the glass to review patient data vs. similar peer groups.

Data Visualization, Dashboarding, Reporting in Compliance

Able to quickly identify outliers in a visual manner, InfoZoom has a unique software capability to see those interesting trends “pop-out”. In addition, investigation analysis can be presented through dynamic Dashboarding and Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Ultrafast, In-Memory Analysis

Get results in seconds.

InfoZoom is a completely in-memory solution which allows you to immediately uncover hidden patterns in your data. With just a few clicks, compliance, privacy and risk analysts can easily conduct investigations that previously would have taken hours.

Data Analysis without the need for I.T.

The investigation teams and privacy analysts don’t need support from IT and database specialists to use InfoZoom. Whether you are conducting ad-hoc research, routine analyses or continuous monitoring, you can always find the answers you need completely on your own.

InfoZoom is easy to learn and use. The software is lean and can be directly installed in business departments with
minimal support.

In addition, no painstaking data preparation is required. Just load it and you are set to go.

All Your Data at a Glance

Whether the data you need is in a database, Excel spreadsheets or CSV fi les, the import process is fast and intuitive. With just a few clicks, you can use the software to flexibly combine various types of data. And once they have been saved, the settings for your data sources can be reloaded at any time.

Easy set up of Complex Calculations

Calculate relevant Key Performance Indicators with a single click. Thanks to multiple wizards and a simple formula language, you can even run complex time series, distribution analyses and statistical methods in no time flat.

A single click is all you need to display your results in Excel. You can even link charts and lists so that your reports stay up to date even when the analytic findings have changed.

Thanks to the various integrated export formats, you can easily process these insights further in other applications.

Sampling should never be a requirement, but occasionally sampling is needed. The Random Sample function creates a new table based on a random selection of data. This allows you to create small random samples from a large volume of data for small analyses in advance.

Unique Audit Trail

The Audit Trail documents steps and can be compared to an auditing program. Based on the logged data, you can determine which user has performed which steps (actions) at which time. These audit trails can be developed and executed on multiple data sources.

Low-Risk and Easy Entry to Valuable Analysis

InfoZoom is easy to test. Much like Excel, InfoZoom installs directly on your machine. Internet access is not required.

A 30-day free trial allows users to try out the powerful analysis risk-free. At an individual level, team level or corporate level, InfoZoom provides new capabilities for improving processes and testing.

Features of InfoZoom and the Risk Free Evaluation:


  • Review 100% of your data in a patented Data Visualization Overview
  • Completely in-memory and very fast
  • Read-Only. InfoZoom does not modify your original data
  • Bring in multiple data sources together
  • Automate your standard tests


Built for Data Analytics

The InfoZoom software is built for analyzing large amounts of data from multiple sources and technologies.

  • Join – Join multiple data sources in-memory without creating a database
  • Link – Comparing different data sources to see relationships
  • SQL – InfoZoom creates the SQL so you don’t have too! If desired, custom SQL can also be created
  • Merge and Append –Combine multiple data sources in multiple ways


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