Operational Analysis

Data Analytics for Operations

Scrutinize your data with InfoZoom for efficient data profiling for operations analysis.  Key to operations analysis is performance, operational, billing, and systems operations data analysis.

Operational analysis can take many forms, depending on industry.  Examples include:

  • Systems Capacity
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Operational and System Performance
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) Analysis
  • Compliance with Federal, State, and Local Government Regulation
  • Compliance with Industry Best Practices

The amount of data operational systems manage continues to increase.  Performing analysis on larger and larger volumes of data will be a constant need.  InfoZoom can analyze millions of transactions through a unique and patented data visualization technology.

Know your Operational System data

InfoZoom helps you optimize your forecasts.  Immediately identify inaccurate or incomplete profile assignments as well as implausible measurements and operational data.



  • Ensure data quality in your operational systems, especially with regard to allocation
  • Plausible profiles and customer data
  • Compare consumption rates
  • Monitor metering points and conduct variance analyses
  • Companies regularly receive operational data. Data is analyzed and expected quantities can be reviewed by by operations management, key stakeholders, and customers. InfoZoom provides the calculations required for this analysis.  Detailed reports offer transparency to management.
  • Create error reports to identify variances, including excess and shortages.

Device Management and Data Control

Changing metering operations represent a challenge to managing your device data. InfoZoom, can find answers to the questions in just a few seconds:

  • Do all devices have a calibration period? Is it assigned to the correct type?
  • Are all registrations correct?
  • How old is the oldest meter? What is the average age of the meters?
  • Do all types of meters with a converter also have a set of converters?

InfoZoom is the perfect supplement to common billing and device management systems. The interval at which devices have to be replaced and the time samples have to be taken can be efficiently determined.  It takes just a few clicks to carry out checks without any batch runs. Individual devices can be monitored with respect to their intervals, samples, and checks of metering points.

All Your Data at a Glance

Whether the data source is from a database, Excel spreadsheets or CSV fi les, the import process is fast and intuitive. With just a few clicks, you can use the software to flexibly combine various types of data. And once they have been saved, the settings for your data sources can be reloaded at any time.

Low-Risk and Easy Entry to Data Analysis

InfoZoom is easy to test. Much like Excel, InfoZoom installs directly on your machine. Internet access is not required.

A 30-day free trial allows users to try out the powerful analysis risk-free. At an individual level, team level or corporate level, InfoZoom provides new capabilities for improving processes and testing.

Features of InfoZoom and the Risk Free Evaluation:

  • Review 100% of your data in a patented Data Visualization Overview
  • Completely in-memory and very fast
  • Read-Only. InfoZoom does not modify your original data
  • Bring in multiple data sources together
  • Automate your standard tests
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