InfoZoom Templates and Toolkits

Customizable Templates

InfoZoom Templates allow powerful, yet routine data analysis that meets a specific business need.  Templates can import data from different data sources, yet apply the same business rules and tests across data platforms.  Templates are created by customers and for customers to meet a specific business needs.  Templates are provided free for customers who remain on maintenance.

Current Available Templates:

  • Audit Data Analytics
  • Operations Data Analytics
  • Name Normalization
  • Address Normalization

InfoZoom Toolkits

InfoZoom is so easy to use that formal product training is often not required.  InfoZoom Toolkits are detailed description of how to perform business analysis.  Often classified as “business consulting”, InfoZoom Toolkits answer common business related questions.  Based on customer user experiences and business analytical needs, InfoZoom Toolkits answer questions related to:

  • Getting Started with InfoZoom
  • Getting Started with InfoZoom in Internal Audit
  • Getting Started with InfoZoom in Compliance and Privacy
  • Geo-Mapping with InfoZoom
  • InfoZoom Linking and Joining
  • Address Analysis
  • Automating InfoZoom Analysis
  • Purchase Card Analysis
  • Invoicing Analysis
  • Analytics of e-Mail Files, including MS Outlook
  • Multi-Dimensional Analysis
  • Data Classifications
  • SAP Data Analytics with InfoZoom


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