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InfoZoom is a unique data analysis visualization tool that allows you to see the big picture in a high-level overview. Very simple to use, InfoZoom provides special capabilities that is critical in audit, privacy, compliance and data quality analysis

IndexOne provides data analysis solutions using InfoZoom. Services include Data and Customer Intelligence consulting, Mobile Reporting, Visual Analytics, and Business Intelligence Coaching.

LSU’s Center for Internal Auditing uses InfoZoom within their classes as an Audit Data Analytics and Data Visualization solution.

Data Experts provides expert data analysis capabilities.  Their consultants are certified in the use of InfoZoom and prefer to use InfoZoom in their client engagements.

Fraud Doctor and SoftLake Solutions have teamed up to offer a comprehensive Fraud Risk Assessment. The process combines the deep audit analytics experience of SoftLake with the formal Fraud Risk Assessment process provided by the experts at Fraud Doctor.

InfoZoom and other analytics solutions are now featured in a one-day advanced Data Analytics class provided through the Graduate School.  The class is regularly offered in Washington DC, but has been offered in other cities based on demand.

Pro Cendikia is a consulting firm with a very talented, expert and innovative consultants in assurance services to obtain significant benefit through integrated information technology solutions. They are the first Indonesian company who developed ERM and Risk Based Audit solution for multiple client industry.

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