Audit, Fraud and Privacy Solutions
Audit and Compliance have special data analysis requirements. It can be difficult
to find fraud, whether it is financial fraud, breaches of privacy, or lapses
in security. We can help!
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Audit, Fraud, and Privacy Analytics

Internal Audit, Fraud Investigators, Privacy Analysts, Compliance Officers, Criminal Detectives.  These teams require specialized data analysis and visualization software.

Our expertise includes support for InfoZoom, a unique data visualization software that is designed for the unique challenges in internal audit, compliance, and investigations.

You don’t need support from IT and database specialists to use InfoZoom. Whether you are conducting ad hoc research or routine analyses, you can always find the answers you need completely on your own.

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Audit and Fraud Analytics, Forensic Investigations, Privacy and Compliance, Data Quality

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Easy to use Data Visualization that specializes in quickly identifying outliers and trends in your data. Perfect for audits and investigations.


Expert knowledge in different forms of data analytics, including audit, investigations, privacy, etc.


InfoZoom is so easy, training is not needed. Our training is custom based upon your analytics needs.


InfoZoom is so easy, training is not needed. Our training is custom based upon your analytics needs.

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