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Internal Audit

Data analysis for Internal Audit, Forensics and Investigations is unique and requires a different approach. You need to quickly identify patterns and outliers without being an expert in the data, all the while not knowing exactly what you are looking for. InfoZoom helps overcome this big challenge.

Examples of Audit and Fraud analysis:

  • Purchase Card (PCard) Analytics –  Analyzing purchase card transactions for abuse and fraud.
  • Vendor Analysis –  Finding payment anomalies in vendors and identifying employees set up as vendors.
  • Duplicate Transactions –  Finding unusual duplicate transactions.
  • Weekend Analysis –  Determining activity occurring over a weekend or holiday.

    Compliance / Privacy

    Privacy is a serious concern that affects everyone personally. Whether it’s personally identifiable information (PII), personal health information (PHI) or financial information, breaches in privacy information can be serious and have many repercussions. Identifying whether personal information is being inappropriately accessed can be difficult. That’s where InfoZoom’s unique Data Visualization can identify patterns of information misuse, such as employees accessing medical or financial records.

    Examples of Privacy and Compliance analysis:

  • Employee Access of Medical Record Number (MRN) –  Determine inappropriate patterns of employees accessing medical records.
  • Device Usage –  Which terminals are being used by employees to review medical records.
  • Shift Hours –  Identifying employees that are accessing medical records off hours.
  • Break-The-Glass Analysis –  Compare the frequency of employees breaking the glass to review patient data vs. similar peer groups.

    Investigations / Forensics

    Data analysis in Forensic Accounting requires a specialized analysis.  Identify patterns and outliers without the need of technical skills.  InfoZoom helps you meet this challenge.

    Examples of Forensic Accounting analysis:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) –  Identifying inappropriate transfer of assets.
  • OFAC Analysis –  Analyze transactions to and from sanctioned countries.
  • Insurance and Warranty Claims –  Identifying fraudulent insurance claims.
  • Royalty Audits –  Verifying appropriate royalty payments.

    Data Visualization

    “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This common saying is especially true when looking through large amounts of data, while struggling to identify patterns and trends in that data. That’s where Data Visualization can be very helpful. Seeing answers to your questions before knowing what to ask is a key feature of InfoZoom.

    Data image

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